How to Get a Job in a Construction Company in Charleston

Posted on June 8, 2022

Construction is a multi-disciplinary field made of designers, project managers, laborers, engineers, and much more. In Charleston, an average construction worker earns approximately $14.83 per hour, making construction a good career.

The industry promises employment opportunities to both skilled and unskilled workers. However, skilled workers are prioritized when it comes to employment opportunities and salary increments.

If your interest is in construction and you would like to secure a good job, it’s essential to acquire the knowledge, get the tactics and apply for the right jobs. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you secure a job in a construction firm in Charleston.

Step 1: Acquire the Education and Experience

Entry-level construction jobs often require hiring laborers with little or no experience. These jobs allow the workers to gain first-hand experience while working. In Charleston, the unskilled construction workers are responsible for cleaning the working sites and completing the other simple manual tasks. You can start with these jobs as you gain experience.

You should also enroll in a construction course to gain access to well-paying jobs. You can start with a high school diploma and later advance to a certification or a degree in construction. The main jobs which require an advanced diploma or degree include construction surveyor, inspector, and project engineer.

The qualifications for the courses depend on the career path you have chosen. For instance, if you need to get a construction surveyor job, you will need to excel in Mathematics, Physics, and English to apply successfully.

Step 2: Join a Trade School to Focus on a Specific Skill

The construction industry is wide with lots of career paths. Which fields are you interested in? Instead of multi-tasking the paths, you should choose the path you are interested in and specialize in it. The specialization will narrow your responsibilities and make it easier to master the tactics.

Trade schools allow students to advance their technical knowledge in the field of specialization. The programs take a minimum of one year and can extend up to three years, depending on the technical field. Examples of construction jobs that you can find with the trade school certificate include:
Heavy Equipment Operator
Asphalt Laborer
Land Surveyor

Step 3: Apply For a Construction Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a form of craft training. A construction apprenticeship allows you to apply the knowledge you learned at school. An apprenticeship also will enable you to:

Gain experience to help you survive your first job
Develop more skills that you need for your career in the construction industry
Get some payments when still learning

Most construction firms provide full-time jobs to the apprentices who show excellent results. Therefore, it’s advisable to give your best as an apprentice to secure a full-time job and get helpful recommendations.

Step 4: Work On Your Physical Health

Most jobs in the construction industry are highly involving, and you should be physically fit to accomplish them. For instance, an average laborer is expected to lift heavy building materials and equipment on the construction site.

Are you physically fit? It’s essential to enhance your physical strength to execute laborious tasks without struggle.

Note: you can get a medical examination before you start lifting the heavy loads to be sure you are physically fit.

Step 5: Start Applying For Construction Jobs in Charleston

Now that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience, nothing should stop you from sending your applications. Construction jobs in Charleston are many, and you can quickly secure a good job when you apply right. Here are helpful tips to help you get started with your job hunting process:
Search online – search engines like Google can be helpful when looking for a job. Simply enter the keyword, such as “construction jobs in Charleston,” and press “enter.” The results will display hundreds of related jobs that you can apply for in the city.

Find construction vacancies in the local newspaper.
Look for ads on LinkedIn and social media.
Visit construction colleges or firms in Charleston and let them know your intentions to work for them.

Step 6: Prepare For The Interviews Well

Chances are high you will get one or more interview invitations if you apply well. Your first impression should count, and that is why you should prepare for the interview well.

The dressing should be professional, and your general look should show you are well-groomed. Besides, you should be prepared to answer the typical interview questions like why you need the job, what skills you have, etc.

Step 7: Network with Construction Professionals

Networking is all about meeting new people and creating long-lasting relationships with them. In construction, you can network with construction managers and other notable people who could hold your hand in the future.

Even after securing your first job, you should continuously network with other people to advance your skills and grow your career. Here are helpful networking tips to help you secure a construction job in Charleston:

Attend Tradeshows
Construction trade organizations in Charleston include seminars, events, conferences, and meetings. Next time you hear a construction-related tradeshow, attend to meet and interact with like-minded people.

Exchange Business Card
Create a professional business card containing your name, your exact profession in the construction industry, and your contact information. Give the cards to people you trust in the construction industry.

Go Online
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are dedicated to helping construction workers connect in Charleston. Join the conversations or start your own to learn more and get more connections.

Don’t Forget Face To Face
Face-to-face connections are still relevant in this digital era. Be sure to move from one construction site to another or one office to another to market yourself.

Advance Your Construction Career Today!

Construction is one of the fast-rising industries today in Charleston. It’s never too late to start. If you would like to grow your career, follow our guide and seek professional guidance when necessary.

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