Work Experience

Urban Construction

  • Experienced in urban construction
  • Minimizing traffic and construction disturbance
  • Effectively informing the local community of construction status
  • Sensitive to local neighborhood ‘quality of life’ issues during construction
  • Minimizing noise, air, debris and light impacts from operations
  • Maintaining a ‘good neighbor’ philosophy

Heavy Commercial and Industrial Construction

  • Experience in large distribution facilities
    • Large slab on grade and heavy foundation construction
  • Positive coordination with ‘multiple prime’ projects
    • Proven team member working with heavy electrical and mechanical project primes
  • Proven ability to complete¬†projects under extreme timetables
    • Provide multiple methods of meeting owner anticipated timelines
  • Utilize GPS and computer modeling construction techniques
    • Increase accuracy and speed of construction by using the latest technological equipment

Sports & Recreation

  • Construction of Premier Regional Facilities
    • Blackbaud Soccer Stadium
    • Family Circle Cup Tennis Stadium
    • Cassique Golf Course, Kiawah Island
    • Rivertowne Golf Course, Mt Pleasant
    • Daniel Island Golf Courses, Ralston Creek and Beresford Creek