We are Hiring for Experienced Heavy Equipment Operator

Posted on September 19, 2023

When it comes to construction projects, having skilled and experienced heavy equipment operators is crucial. Especially when grading slopes, ponds, and roads. The Charleston area is currently experiencing a boom in construction, and O.L. Thompson Construction Co., Inc. is one of the leading companies taking on multiple projects. As such, we are currently seeking heavy equipment operators who can ensure the success of our projects. In this blog post, we’ll tell you about the kind of heavy equipment operators O.L. Thompson Construction Co., Inc. is looking for, where they find them, and why they are so important for their projects.

We are seeking experienced heavy equipment operators. These highly talented individuals must be able to expertly maneuver grading equipment to ensure a client’s project is completed on time, to the required specifications, and safely. They need to be able to fine-grade terrains precisely to grade slopes, ponds, and other project features. Not only that, but they must possess the ability to work well with a team, and have excellent communication skills. We offer a competitive compensation plan and full medical and retirement benefits. Candidates are also eligible for a safety bonus.

If you have the experience and feel you are the right fit for the team, click here