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Groundwork. Earthwork. Teamwork.



Some quick numbers from a recently completed project are:

  • ManHours

  • Cubic Yards of Soil

  • Tons OfStone Base

  • Tons OfAsphalt Paving

  • Tons OfCTB

  • Miles Of UndergroundStorm Systems

…without a single LOST TIME ACCIDENT.

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident!”

These numbers are even more remarkable considering that the vast majority of this work has been performed in the most adverse, and somewhat formidable, environments of the Lowcountry. We take great pride in our accomplishments, and this zero lost time statistic is perhaps our greatest yet.

O.L. Thompson Construction Co., Inc. has a comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety Program implemented across all segments of our operations. Dedicated safety professionals, trained managers, and staff collectively ensure a safe and secure work environment.

Safety for our employees, subcontractors, neighbors, and the traveling public goes way beyond a simple employee handbook and a yellow safety vest. A “Culture of Safety” includes constant motivation, training, and reinforcement of ideals and practices to ensure that everyone goes home safely every day.

Zero accident/injury incidents

To further encourage these efforts, the company distributes cash safety bonus awards to employees on a monthly basis for reaching team goals toward zero accident/injury incidents. Distributions consistently reach the maximum level each month.

Comprehensive safety training includes the core competencies of Hazard Recognition & Analysis, Personal Protective Equipment, General Health & Safety, Construction Safety, Hazard Communication, Defensive Driving, OSHA & MSHA requirements, Accident Investigation, DOT Regulations, and other task specific training.

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