Why You Should Choose O.L. Thompson As A Site Work Contractor

Posted on August 23, 2022

Chances are that you are likely in the market for a firm that could take on grading, demolition, clearing, erosion control, stone base, or asphalt paving in the tri-county area. In that case, you are in luck because OL Thompson has established itself as a premier site work construction firm in the Lowcountry. We delve into OL Thompson’s company profile to inform your decision to choose the firm as your site work contractor.

History of OL Thompson

OL Thompson was founded in 1948 by O.L Thompson Jr. in Hanahan, South Carolina. Initially, the company was a small grading and hauling company that took on smaller site contracts. Steadily, the company has grown to take on more significant projects cementing it as one of the largest and most sought-after contracting firms in South Carolina. The core business model and support base have equally evolved to include Thompson Trucking Co., Inc. and various development, material, and management facets.

Notably, while the company has a long tradition of maintaining long-term employees, it is equally committed to bringing in new talent. As part of the continuity plan, management works towards bringing in a steady influx of talent.

As a prospective client, the management in place and the continuity plan presented by the company means that you are assured that no internal turbulence will halt or bring perturbation to your project. Regardless of any changes, you are sure that the project or contract in place stays on course.

In hindsight, the long history translates to a wealth of experience, which you would then be leveraging if you went with OL Thompson as your site work contractor. You are assured that your project will be completed safely and within the agreed-upon time and budget.

Scope of Work

As it pertains to the scope of work, OL Thompson takes contracts on commercial, government, industrial, and residential projects. Seeing as most sites will have to deal with the transport of bulk materials, OL Thompson has within its portfolio up to 100 haulers per day. This means that the company is capable of hauling as much material as you need safely and efficiently. Other than being able to haul large amounts of dirt and debris, the company is well versed in clearing, grubbing, excavation, storm drainage, sanitary sewers, curbing, asphalt paving, and material recycling.

As it pertains to licensing, the company has all the proper paperwork. For starters, the firm has the South Carolina Unlimited Contractor license, which is proof of the company’s commitment to doing things the right way on the first try.

Recent Projects

As part of the firm’s portfolio, the firm was involved in signature projects which stand as some of the most recognizable landmarks in Lowcountry. Some of the projects include The Ravenel Bridge Project, Nucor Steel, Daniel Island Development, North Charleston Coliseum, Boeing, and the Volvo Car Tennis Stadium, among others.

This wealth of experience shows the trust the local community has in the firm. What’s more, these previous projects are evidence of expertise within residential, multifamily, commercial, and industrial projects. Note that while the firm has been involved in a host of mega projects, it still takes on seemingly smaller projects. You can trust that the amount of attention to detail you will find in the bigger projects is what will be replicated when they work with individual entities. Overall, there is evidence of commitment to quality site work regardless of the project’s scope.

Commitment to Safety

Liability is a great cause for concern for anyone considering having a third party on-site for any construction or clean-up work. It is in consideration of this that OL Thompson has safety measures in place to prevent any accidents on site. The company’s mantra is that safety doesn’t happen by accident.

To best understand the firm’s commitment to safety, it would be best first to understand the sheer magnitude of the projects they have been involved in. In total, OL Thompson employees have clocked in 700,000 hours while working with 3,000,000 cubic yards of soil, laying 270,000 tons of stone base and 50,000 tons of asphalt. Additionally, the subcontractors have worked with 90,000 tons of CTB and laid 8 miles of underground storm systems. For all these projects, there hasn’t been even a single lost time accident. When you consider the numbers and the most adverse conditions that the employees work in, this is quite impressive. As a prospective client, this should matter to you as you want a site work contractor that has a zero lost time statistic and one that creates a safe environment for everyone that works at the site. Safety is quite important, seeing as you do not want to have work potentially halted or incur the financial ramifications of having someone get hurt on site.

Concisely, as a site manager or owner, there are a couple of factors to consider when looking for a contractor. You want to find a contractor that has the proper licensing, a contractor insurance policy that covers you from the ramifications when someone gets hurt on-site, and a steady and trained pool of experts. What’s more, you want to find one with a positive reputation and an almost 100% satisfaction rate. Finally, be conscious of how the contractor performs as it pertains to the turnaround time.

It would be best if you considered choosing OL Thompson as your site work contractor in South Carolina based on the firm’s location, the accrued experience, the capabilities of the experts we have on board, and their ability to perform regardless of the scope of the project. Besides, the firm is financially stable with a bonding capability which would mean no financial constraints when working on the site. If you would like more information about the company or a pre-construction or planning budget or value engineering, be sure to contact us.